New article on Cambodian educational governance

My new co-written article is out! The paper examines the Civil Society Education Fund’s (CSEF) impact on the non-governmental organisation education partnership (NEP) in Cambodia. With financial backing from the World Bank and the Fast Track Initiative, the CSEF is an initiative that is managed internationally by the Global Campaign for Education. Its goal is to help national networks of non-governmental organizations participate in education decision-making and to serve as a watchdog for progress related to internationally agreed upon goals. Through the CSEF, the deployment of various strategies, and other external factors, the NEP was able to able to achieve recognition, legitimacy and in uence at the national level. However, the NEP has had to balance working with the state and working for the state. This case study highlights strategies used by civil society actors to engage state actors, the e cacy of international support, and the con icts inherent in both.

Full citation:

Edwards, D.B. Jr., Brehm, W.C. and Storen, I. (2017). Global governance and the politics of education in Cambodia: A case study of the Civil Society Education Fund. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education. (pdf)