New article on methodology (with focus on Cambodia)

My latest piece was published today in Southeast Asian Studies, the area-studies journal out of Kyoto University. In the piece, which is entitled “The Is and the Ought of Knowing: Ontological Observations on Shadow Education Research in Cambodia,” I trace the evolution of English language terms used to describe private tutoring in Cambodia.  I then detail the Khmer language terms used to describe the phenomenon. I argue that while the English language terms have stayed relatively constant over 20-years and generally describe the same practice, the Khmer language uses a range of terms, which have evolved over time, to describe a multitude of practices. This finding prompted me to critique English-language researchers (myself included!) who have limited reality to their prior understandings of it (i.e., the terms employed in the “literature”). This is a methodological critique writ large. The article is free to download, so please check it out.  Enjoy!